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All adults with developmental disabilities deserve the opportunity to live, learn, work, and socialize as citizens in the community.

Your SSA will help connect you with community services and supports to meet the goals outlined in your Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Adult Services are provided through a wide selection of quality providers; your SSA will assist you with choosing a provider and coordinating your services.

Find A Provider

Choosing a service provider is an important step in making sure you have the support you and your family need to succeed. Learn how to choose a provider and access the Independent Provider Search Tool.

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Community Employment

Community Employment services help people with developmental disabilities fulfill their desire to work in the community. Learn more about how we can help you secure and maintain a job.

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There are many residential options throughout Medina County. Learn more about how your SSA can help you explore these options.

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Recreation & Leisure

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful life and interact in the community. Learn more about recreational clubs, advocacy clubs, Special Olympics, and other activities.

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Reliable transportation is a must to access opportunities within your community. Learn more about the options available to get you where you need to go.

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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is a group of tools that increase communication, learning, and independence for people with disabilities. Learn more about the options that may be available.

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