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About Advocacy

Advocacy teaches individuals with disabilities how to advocate for themselves and others and teaches people without disabilities about the importance of inclusion. All individuals with disabilities have the right to take control of their lives, speak up for themselves, and make their own life decisions. Advocacy groups help provide the resources to make that possible. Advocates meet to learn about important self determination tools and how to make sure their voices are heard at local, state and national levels.

Leadership Academy

Do you want your opinions, ideas and thoughts to be recognized in decisions in our community? The Leadership Academy is a six month training opportunity for people with developmental disabilities (ages 18 and over) to learn and develop important leadership and advocacy skills to help become more involved in leadership roles in the community.

Topics covered include: Understanding Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities, Personal Leadership Profile, Communication and Listening, Problem-Solving, Interview Skills, Types of Leadership Opportunities, Goal Setting

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Application for 2024


Advocate News

Each month advocates create what they want to share with each other and what they have been up to lately.

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Advocate Meetings

Each month advocates meet to learn more about advocacy and to talk about issues of importance to them.

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Upcoming Meetings


People Together

The People Together program encourages advocates to meet with students at local schools to present on ways to be inclusive and kind to people of all abilities. Advocates talk to students about their disability, as well as obstacles they have faced and overcome. In this program, advocates are encouraged to showcase ways they are similar to students through their likes, dislikes, employment, extracurricular activities, and more.

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Speakers Bureau

Advocates are committed to teaching people without disabilities about inclusion, seeing ability first, and helping start important conversations. The Advocacy Speakers Bureau presents to a wide variety of groups, including businesses, church groups, senior citizen groups, specialty groups (i.e. Boy Scouts, Book Clubs, Kiwanis, etc.) and more.

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If you are interested in having the Advocacy Speakers Bureau come speak with your group or organization, please contact our Advocacy Advisor:

Molly Usner, Advocacy Advisor
330-725-7751 ext. 119


Tech Advocates

Ohio Tech Ambassadors is looking for volunteers, who are interested in teaching others about technology, to become Tech Advocates in Medina County. A Tech Advocate is someone who will promote using technology by sharing their personal experiences and successes. Read about Tech Advocate duties by clicking the button below.

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