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In Medina County, our community generously supports funding of services and supports for adults and children with disabilities through a tax levy. We offer the following programs to help financially support individuals with developmental disabilities so they have the best opportunities to succeed.

Our Service and Support Administration (SSA) staff will help you identify what resources may be available and guide and connect you to your options. Step one is always to become eligible for MCBDD services.

Family Support Services (FSS) Program

This program is designed to keep people with developmental disabilities living at home by helping families purchase necessary equipment and services to ease some financial burdens on a household. All FSS enrollments expire in December of each year. You must reapply for the FSS program on a yearly basis.

Annual Enrollment Application – 2024

FSS Payment Information

FSS Purchase Reimbursement Form

FSS Respite Provider Time Sheet

FSS Respite Provider Travel Expense Form

FSS Procedure

If you have questions about the Family Support Services program, contact the FSS Program Coordinator at 330-725-7751 ext. 130 or email

Summer Camperships

This program provides campership funding for children and adults with developmental disabilities to use to attend the summer camp of their choice.

Campership Information 2024

Campership Application 2024

If you have questions about camperships, contact the Service and Support Administration (SSA) Offices at 330-725-7751; option 2 or

Benefits Information

MCBDD is committed to its responsibility of acting as a resource to the community. The following document outlines some of the most frequently asked questions regarding benefits available to individuals in the county, as well as a point of contact for questions and concerns on the topic.

MCBDD Benefits Information Resource

Medicaid Waivers

Many services are funded through Medicaid Waivers. A waiver helps pay for services to keep you in your home, or a home in the community, so you do not have to move to a long-term care facility or nursing home. When Medicaid Waiver funding is available, MCBDD pays for approximately 40% of the cost of service and the other 60% is paid for by federal Medicaid funds. Some of the services paid for by a waiver include: personal care, respite, transportation, social work, nutrition, adult day services, accessibility adaptations, supported employment and medical equipment.

Because eligibility for MCBDD services and/or Medicaid are determined differently, you will not necessarily receive a waiver. Waivers are provided based on priorities set by the State of Ohio, the availability of funds and a formal assessment of needs.

DODD Individual Options (I/O) Waiver Information

DODD Level 1 Waiver Information

DODD Self-Waiver Information

General DODD Waiver Information

Waiting Lists

All County Board of Developmental Disabilities create waiting lists when there are not enough resources to meet the needs of everyone requesting services. If you ask for a service that has a waiting list, we will document your request along with the date and time, and place your name on a waiting list.

Waiting List Information

DODD Waiting List Rule Information

For questions about waiting lists, contact the Service and Support Administration (SSA) at 330-725-7751; option 2 or
For questions about Medicaid Waivers, contact MCBDD Eligibility Specialists at

Supported Living Program

This program is a locally funded residential program that enables persons with disabilities to live in settings of their choice. The program offers flexible supports that allow a person to be as independent as possible.

For questions about the Supported Living program, contact the Service and Support Administration (SSA) at 330-725-7751; option 2 or

STABLE Accounts

A STABLE account is an investment account available to eligible individuals with disabilities. STABLE accounts allow you to save and invest money without losing eligibility for certain public benefits programs, like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). While you can still withdraw and spend your money whenever you need it, a STABLE Account allows you to grow your money and save long-term for disability expenses.

STABLE Account Information


Additional Resources

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