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Residential Options

There are many residential options throughout Medina County, from shared living to adult foster care to in-home support and more. Your SSA will be happy to assist you with exploring and securing housing and giving you additional information about residential services, including emergency housing, in the county.


Supported Living
Allows a person to live as independently as possible either in their home or within the community.

Shared Living
Allows a person to get the support they need while living with a paid caregiver.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)
Allows a person to share a place with others with disabilities and to get the services that help him/her live their life. An ICF has staff that can help 24 hours a day.

DODD Online ICF Search

DODD ICF Informational Booklet



Service and Support Administration (SSA)
330-725-7751; option 2

To contact a specific SSA, please use our SSA staff directory.

SSA Staff Directory

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