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Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities



Natural Supports


Natural supports are an important part of everyone’s life; people with and without developmental disabilities need natural supports. Most people want to live happy and comfortable lives. To achieve this, you rely on some kind of support system or network in your life. This is where natural supports enter. Natural supports are the personal and community support that touch many parts of your life and just “naturally” occur. Your friends, family and other people in your life are your natural supports.

There are many benefits that make the investment of time and energy to develop natural supports worthwhile.  

  • Natural supports are important to promoting a healthy and happy life.
  • Natural supports help create an environment that fosters laughter, attention, respect and love.
  • Natural supports decrease the need for family and paid supports which in turn promotes more independence and freedom.

The Medina County Board of DD encourages the development and use of natural supports in every day life for your loved one as well as for your family as a whole.


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