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Early Intervention

Early Intervention (EI) is all about identifying gaps in a child's development and helping them find opportunities to grow and learn. Research shows that early detection and treatment of delays can help improve skills on all levels and can help a child reduce the need for lifelong services.



How Do I Receive Early Intervention Services?

Our Early Intervention Services provide support for infants and toddlers - birth through age 3 - who have an identified developmental delay or disability.

Upon referral from a parent, doctor or health care professional, a child is assigned a service coordinator. The service coordinator will help a family by starting an evaluation and assessment process to see if Early Intervention services are needed for their child. The service coordinator will also work with a family to help connect them with additional resources, services and supports from other agencies outside of the MCBDD, if needed.

If you have just received a diagnosis of a developmental disability such as Downs Syndrome, Autism, or a genetic condition, or if you are concerned that your child is not meeting his developmental milestones, please call 330-764-8580 to contact a service coordinator.

Important First Year Milestones


What Do EI Services Include?

If it is determined that a child needs Early Intervention Services, a team of professionals is assigned to support the child and family. Every family served will have a team that consists of a service coordinator, a primary service provider, and of course your family members. Each child's team of professionals is determined by the individually specific needs of each child.

Meet the Team -Early Intervention Team Information

Once assembled, your team works with you to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) which includes the steps needed to enhance your child’s learning and development.



What Happens During An EI Visit?

Family members play the most important role in the child’s learning and development. Our professionals will coach you in ways to continue your child’s learning and development through the activities that you would normally do together. Coaching involves asking questions, trying ideas, sharing information and jointly planning next steps. Instead of watching us work with your child, we will be working together during a family visit. It ensures that what is being done with your family is meaningful during your everyday life. The professionals on the team support parents in their role as the child’s most important teacher rather than playing that role themselves.

Early Intervention Services Video


Where Are EI Services Provided?

Early Intervention services can take place in a variety of locations including the family home, child care center, a babysitter’s home or other agreed-upon community sites, based on family needs. EI Services are “family centered” and are intended to fit naturally into a family’s existing daily schedule.

Early Intervention services are grounded in the philosophy that young children learn best from familiar people in familiar settings. We work together to find the locations and activities that give real life chances for your child to grow and learn. These opportunities center around your child’s interests and what you are already doing together as a family.


How Are EI Services Funded?

MCBDD Early Intervention Services are funded through local levy dollars. There are no out-of-pocket fees for the MCBDD Early Intervention services.


How Long Do Early Intervention Services Last?

Children may receive EI Services until:

  • The child turns 3 years old - If the team identifies a need to continue services beyond age 3, the family, the Primary Service Provider, and Service Coordinator will discuss options to help families begin the transition to specialized preschool services or other services in the community.
  • A parent or guardian decides to end services.
  • The child is found to no longer need Ohio Early Intervention services due to progress in development areas.


What Can I Expect from MCBDD?
We understand that terminology, appointments and forms can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why we are here to help. The Medina County Board of DD Early Intervention staff support a family-centered, consultative approach to EI services. This Evidence-Based Early Intervention, or EBEI, approach gives you a single point of contact for all of your questions and concerns.


Early Intervention Parent Rights

Early Intervention Staff Contact Information

More Information


      Ohio Early Intervention Website


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