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Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities



Family Support Services



The Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities understands that all individuals have the best opportunity to grow and develop when they are living in a loving family environment. Sometimes families need a little help for this to happen, that’s why the Family Support Services (FSS) Program was developed.

With the help of the Family Support Services Program, families can purchase necessary equipment and services thus easing some financial burdens on the household and, more importantly, increasing the independence of individuals with developmental disabilities.

This program is state-funded and is designed to keep family members with developmental disabilities living at home.



What can FSS funds be used for?

The Family Support Services (FSS) program is state-funded and designed to keep family members with developmental disabilities living at home by helping to reimburse specific expenses. Pending annual approval, families may be reimbursed for:

• respite care
• adaptive equipment
• home modifications
• dietary supplements
• related counseling, training and education on disability related issues
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Within these areas, families can make purchases and submit requests for reimbursement (minus any co-pays that may apply). There are other case-by-case items, such as diapers, prescriptions, eyeglasses, hearing aids, therapeutic toys and supplies, and therapeutic horseback riding, which may be reviewed for approval as requested. Please remember that items of this type, if total cost exceeds $100.00, need to be referred by a professional and receive pre-approval. 


How can I apply to receive FSS funds?

Anyone who is eligible for Board services, lives with family and is not on a Medicaid wavier can apply for the FSS program.
To apply, fill out the annual application form

>>> Click here for the ANNUAL APPLICATION FORM <<<

and return to:

FSS Program Coordinator
Medina County Board of DD
2736 Medina Road, Suite 105
Medina, Ohio 44256

OR fax: 330-722-4854

OR scan the completed form and email to:

After you application form is reviewed, you will receive a letter determining your eligiblilty. The letter will have an explanation of the allotment of funds you will receive through the program, your co-pay amount, how to receive reimbursements for purchases and services and other important general information about the program.

Please remember, regardless of when you enter the program, all FSS enrollments expire in December of each year. If you wish to continue to be enrolled in the program, you must reapply for the FSS program on a yearly basis.


General FSS Information

Allotment balances are made available throughout the year. If you have questions about your allotment balance, please contact the Medicaid Services Manager at 330.725.7751 ext. 223 or email FSS


Depending on your family's yearly income you may also have a co-pay for any qualifying purchases. Your co-payment is the portion of an expense that you are responsible for. Any co-pays you are responsible for will be clearly stated in your eligibility letter.


Receiving Your Payments
Completed paperwork (requests for reimbursements forms with original receipts, time sheets, travel sheets, invoices attached) must be received by the 5th and/or 19th of each month. Once this paperwork is received the MCBDD Business Office will review and approve. The approved paperwork is then sent to NEON (Northeast Ohio Network) for check processing. NEON has ten days from the date they receive the approved paperwork to process a check. Therefore families/providers/agencies can expect to receive reimbursement checks around the 16th and/or 30th of each month (these are approximately dates).

All Family Support Services reimbursement requests for 2018 are due by January 31, 2019.

Forms - Please make sure to turn in the Annual Enrollment/Application Form before submitting any other forms for reimbursements.

Click here to review the FSS Procedure


If you have questions or would like more information about the Family Support Services program,
please contact the FSS Program Coordinator at 330-764-8988 ext. 130 or email FSS