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Business is about productivity and maintaining a competitive advantage. To do this, businesses need the right qualified workers. The Medina County Board of DD is committed to preparing skilled employees with disabilities to successfully become contributing members of the workforce. Our success is based on working closely with employers to understand and meet their recruiting, hiring and retention needs.

No-cost help is available to businesses to match their needs with workers who have the right skills and to provide on-the-job training and ongoing support for as long as needed.

Common Myths about Hiring Workers with Disabilities

1. It doesn’t make business sense.

Actually, 93% of customers say they prefer to purchase from a company that employs individuals with disabilities. Hiring people with disabilities adds value to your business and will attract new customers. You can make a sound business decision and gain a competitive advantage by hiring people with disabilities.

2. Workers with disabilities will not succeed in my workplace.

Actually, 75% of employers report a positive experience employing people with disabilities. Workers with disabilities are also rated higher on fewer sick days, arriving on time for work, and returning on time from breaks than their typical co-workers.

3. Accommodations for people with disabilities are too expensive.

Actually, about 70% of accommodations cost less than $500 per employee. Almost 33% cost the employer nothing and nearly 20% percent cost $50 or less. Also, less than one quarter of workers with disabilities require accommodations at all.

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Ed Dryer
Director of Community Employment
330-725-7751 ext. 106

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