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Windfall School is committed to the safety, education, and well-being of all students and staff. While changes have been frequent due to COVID-19, our goal is to be as transparent as possible with parents and guardians when it comes to health and safety within Windfall School.


The Ohio Department of Health has issued an executive order that requires school districts to put in place a COVID-19 Reporting System. Should any announcements need to be made in regards to COVID-19 in Windfall School, they will be posted here. This information will be updated as needed.

The current active Covid-19 cases for students and staff of Windfall School : 0
The cumulative Covid-19 cases for students and staff of Windfall School: 0

Last change in the district’s dashboard status: Sept. 29, 2020

A public dashboard is also on the State of Ohio website that will include the number of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in both staff and students per school district in each county.

State of Ohio Covid-19 Dashboard



Part of the order also states that if a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, the parent/guardian should notify their child’s school within 24-hours of receiving a positive test or clinical diagnosis. The parent (with help from the school nurse) will need to complete and submit a COVID-19 Reporting Form. This information will then be sent to the Health Department for any needed follow-up.

Positive Covid-19 Report Form



If Windfall School receives notification of a positive Covid-19, an initial phone call followed by a written notification will be given to staff, parents and guardians of all students who specifically shared a classroom space or participated in a school activity while the positive case could have been infectious.

Notification will also be provided to all staff, parents and guardians of students in the whole school building notifying them of the positive test result. (Specific names of students or staff will never be shared in these notices due to applicable HIPAA and FERPA laws). The Medina County Health Department will activate their protocols, conduct contact tracing and place anyone who meets the CDC criteria into quarantine.


Questions? Contact Us

Windfall School Office
330-725-7751; option 1


Additional Resources

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Website

Ohio Department of Health Website
The Ohio Department of Health has set up a call center to answer your questions. You can reach the call center by dialing 1-833-4ASKODH (1-833-427-5634). The call center will be open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Medina County Health Department
The Medina County Health Department is the local resource for COVID-19 information for Medina County residents

Ohio Department of DD
DODD has gathered resources for those working in Ohio’s developmental disabilities field regarding care and prevention practices, for work and for home.

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