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Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities



Employing a Person with Disabilities


Need a cost-effective reliable way to get the job done?

A good workforce is essential for the success of any business. Finding and training the right employee can be a time consuming and costly part of doing business. The Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities specilizes in helping people with disabilities fulfill their dreams of working in the community. Good business is all about making connections. Each day we help companies, both large and small, meet their business goals by connecting them with good employees who help their companies succeed.

We offer a variety of services for employers. These services include evaluations and assessments, job skills training, job development and placement, job coaching and follow-along and on-the-job training.

Companies who hire a person witha disability find that they have hired a dependable, quality worker whose company loyalty is unmatched by others. They also find a worker who performs on par with other employees and consistently produces quality workmanship. They get employers who are ready to help their business succeed. The economical benefits - keeping staffing costs in check, low employee turnover, hgih quality productivity - make hiring people with disabilities a smart business choice. Hiring a worker with a disability is a cost-effective solution to many employment challeges faced in the workplace.

The diversity that people with disabilities bring to a workforce can help make everyone a better employee. We understand that your employees may have questions about working along side a person with a disability. We can provide presentation and training which address these questions. This is provided at no cost to you. Our goal is to make sure everyonw in your workforce succeeds.

Companies who have used our services include:
AI Root, Westfield Group, Bob Evans, Brunswick Chamber of Commerce, Wadsworth Public Library, UniSand, Buehler's, The Galaxy Restaurant, The Sharon Golf Club, Supro Spring and Form.

Community Employment Staffing Solutions Brochure
Hiring Workers with Disabilities: What Employers Should Know

For more information on employing persons with disabilities, please contact our Community Employment Services Department at 330.725.1373 or email