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Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities



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Hand in Hand Creations

Hand in Hand Creations is a collection of primitive and American folk art, handcrafted by individuals with developmental disabilities. Each piece is handmade and as unique as the artist who created it. These items are available for purchase at local crafts fairs (click here to check our event calendar) or by calling 330.725.7751 ext. 287.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Others

Meet the Artists

Handcrafted (with pride) by Josh

Josh Seeley’s pride in his work is evident from the moment you see him sitting at his work station, putting care into each stitch he sews. Josh hopes that every individual who views his handiwork will realize that having a disability does not mean there is a limit to his success. Here his abilities outshine his disabilities.

Since beginning his work with Hand in Hand Creations, Josh has gain a deep knowledge of the items he helps produce. He takes pride in answering any questions you may have about the primitive decor items he works on each week. Josh has come a long way since joining the program. When he started, he mostly sanded and painted items to prepare them for other artists to finish. Now the self-confidence he has gained through his experience, have allowed him to take on a leadership role. He easily helps train others who are just joining the program. His new found confidence, makes talking with customers easier now than a year ago. He has become an important part of the team that sells the products at local craft fairs and farmer’s markets. "To see Josh become a more assured and self-confident person has been so rewarding for those of us who work with him," reports Wanda Pendleton, Hand in Hand Creations Supervisor. "We are so proud of all that he has accomplished."


Handcrafted (through hard work) by Tamita

Tamita Pickett is eager to show off her hard work and express the sense of pride she has knowing she growing...learning...succeeding!

Tamita is busy learning the skills necessary to be a successful employee. Each day, she eagerly shows up at the Hand in Hand Creations work center ready to help create new items for the primitive decor product line. She knows that with each cut, each brush stroke, each stitch, each item she prepares for sale, she is on her way to reaching her goal of earning her own paycheck. She knows that by working as part of a team and learning the step-by-step processes needed for creating items, she will get the experience she will need to succeed in the community. She is learning - at the work center and by attending the “My Job, My Skills” classes at the Medina County Achievement Center - what it takes to be a valuable employee to a business. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to improve and excel are only outshined by her bubbly personality. Her outgoing nature makes her an ideal salesperson for Hand in Hand Creations at local farmers markets and craft shows. Tamita has a unique vision to share with the world - hard work is hard work, regardless of ability.


Handcrafted (successfully) by Tom

Each morning Tom greets his coworkers with a smile and some light conversation mixed with a good dose of humor. Then, it is time to get down to business.
Tom knows that each minute in the day counts. He uses his time management skills to help his team at Hand in Hand Creations stay on task and on time with their projects. He has quickly become a leader among his peers. His strong leadership qualities help everyone he works with succeed in learning good workplace habits.

Through his Hand in Hand Creations employment, Tom is mastering the many skills he needs to become a valuable employee to a local business. He is learning what it means to be part of a team. He is learning what it takes to be not just a good employee but how to use his skills to contribute to the success of his coworkers. Tom knows that learning each of these lessons makes him better at his job and increase his ability to earn a paycheck. Tom believes in success and experiences it everyday at the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities.




Josh, Tamita, and Tom are just a few of the 25 employees of Hand in Hand Creations, an enterprise of the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities. This program helps people with developmental disabilities discover their creative expression and gives them an opportunity to earn a salary.