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The Medina County Board of DD videotapes most provider network meetings and trainings so that those unable to attend can watch the recordings.

Upcoming Meetings

September 2018 Meeting

Kate Green and Tracy Kolarovsky gave a presentation on the waiver waiting list changes.

PowerPoint presentation

August 2018 Meeting

REM Ohio gave a presentation on the Ohio Shared Living program and how providers may be paid to plan for supports.

July 2018 Meeting

Joe Khadige, MCBDD Service and Support Administration Manager, presented on how provider agencies can make the best use of Provider Guide Plus.

PowerPoint presentation

Provider Guide Plus Setup Tutorial

June 2018 Meeting

Nikolas Pokrzywa, MUI Investigative Agent for Medina County, presented on the MUI process including initial reporting, immediate actions, and MUI prevention plans.

PowerPoint presentation

May 2018 Meeting

Kate O’Donnell-Horton, from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) Provider Compliance Unit, gave a presentation on the site setting rule and provider compliance.

PowerPoint presentation

May 2018 Meeting

John Thomas, MCBDD Service and Support Administration Manager, discussed the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Adult Services and Employment Outcomes which outline expected outcomes based on an individual’s path to employment.

PowerPoint presentation

April 2018 Meeting

Beginning May 1, 2018 there is a new procedure for requesting ISP revisions in Medina County.

PowerPoint presentation

Provision Request Form

Provider ISP Revision Request Procedure

March 2018 Meeting

Medina County Board of DD’s Service and Support Administration (SSA) Management discussed their roles and how they work with providers for success.

Service & Support Administration Info

February 2018 Meeting

On February 1, 2018 the new Independent Provider Overtime rule went into effect. This rule also requires authorization by the SSA for any hours worked over 60 hours a week.

PowerPoint presentation

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